Sunday, February 10, 2013

#56. When You Grow Old

Snippets from a Senior Citizen’s Life

I have a suit length which was gifted to me in a marriage. For a couple of years I have been thinking of getting it stitched. At the onset of winter this year, I asked my wife for the piece so that I could go to the tailor. She hemmed and hawed, and the net result was that I was deprived of a new suit this winter also.

Then the other day, one of my friends from another town turned up, and over a drink he told me  a funny story. His father-in-law died sometime back. A few months before his death he had got a few clothes stitched. Maybe some shirts, trousers, pyjamas. After his death when my friend’s wife saw those almost new clothes her mother exclaimed, ‘I had told him what was the point of getting more clothes now when he could pop off any day!’ I got suspicious, and asked my wife who was nearby whether that was why she did not give me the piece. Her prompt reply was that I already had too many from before , so much so that there is hardly any place left in the cupboard to keep another suit. Then Gwalior has such short winter. I hope she was being truthful.

I remember one of my colleagues whose dress sense I had always appreciated. The other day I met him in the Gymkhana. He was wearing an expensive kosa silk bushshirt. It had seen better days, and true to the nature of old clothes, the fabric had ad gone smooth and shiny, losing the typical rough kosa texture.

Should we really stop going for new clothes when you grow old?

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