Wednesday, March 14, 2012

#49. The Height of Naivete

The height of naivete

After the petroleum prices in India became a joke having been reduced to the level of vegetable prices, now was the turn of the railway fares. .Our venerable CEO and  his VP (Railways) do not seem to be aware of the jocular saying: ‘zor ka dhakka
dhire se’. True that fares had not been increased by the earlier Ministers for the last 9 years, and there was a genuine need for increasing that, the hike could well have been spread over a span of 2-3 years. Why it didn’t strike them is a little surprising.
And I think nobody  wanted a low profile sincere minister like Mr.Trivedi to be the martyr to the cause. Was PM  not aware of the fit the mercurial lady will have by this once-and-for-all attempted hike to deliver railways of all the trouble it is in? And when passenger fares constitute only  a small percentage of the railway revenues.

Life goes on and this will also be soon forgotten. Long live Indian democracy.