Sunday, March 5, 2017

This was written a few years ago. Today (6 arch 2017!) when I opened the site I saw this draft and thought that it should stay. Also one would like to add a few more which are enumerated in the next blog. 

The Small pinpricks that became festering wounds 

It  would be good to recall the small pinpricks that the erstwhile government inflicted on the people in general. One is really amazed at  the insensitive and callous attitude of the people who took decisions at the top. Let us enumerate  some of them:

1. Currency Notes. The government has already stopped printing one and two rupee notes. It was expected that the withdrawn notes will be replaced by equal number of coins. However it seems the government  mints supported by imports if any were not able to meet the gap fully. Then they decided to equalise the size of the two coins. So now you  have a larger 2-rupee coin and a smaller one rupee coin,   trying unsuccessfully to fill the gap. And now it seems the govt. has stopped printing 5-rupee notes. Who took decisions       in this regard? Had they left the decision in such a lowly matter  to a Section Officer?
It was said that very soon  plastic noes will be printed, but we have yet to see them.  

2. The Cooking Gas Muddle: It would be interesting to know as to what has the government achieved by reducing the no. of unsubsidised cylinders to 6 which was increased to 9 with support from the State Govts. and ultimately the government bowing down to pressure to increase the number to 12.