Monday, August 2, 2010

#37. Don't Miss This Rainy Season

Every year lakhs of trees are planted in the month of July as part of Van Mahotsav, but the results have never been encouraging, the mortality bring more than 90%. Obviously we need some other measures to plant more trees. I am told that in Chamoli district (Uttarakhand) when a bride goes to the husband’s place after marriage, she plants a tree in her father’s place, and it is the responsibility of her parents and brothers to maintain that plant. This is an imaginative way to add one more tree to the environs.
Several pretexts can be found to plant trees. At a number of places Smriti vans have been developed where a person can plant a tree in the memory of his near and dear ones who are no more. He has to give a small amount to the organisation for meeting the cost of the plant and the upkeep of the tree, at least till it is big enough to fend for itself. Elsewhere in this blogsite, I have added a small write-up on Nakshatra Van where some trees have been associated wirh the birth Nakshatra of the person and it is concerned auspicious and beneficial for the person to plant a tree of the variety. This can be done collectively as well, and Nakshatra Van can be developed with plants earmarked for the 27 stars, ( At another place I have added a write-up listing trees suitable for planting in Central India/ Gwalior (
Recently in Dainik Bhaskar, Pt. Pushkar Raj has listed trees according to Rashis of Hindu astrlogy (not Nakshatrs). The list as given by him is as follows:
  1. Mesh and Sinha: kadamba and ashuplalak ashok (Probably he means Polyalthis longifolia, as the tree is also known by the name Ashupal).
  2. Vrishabh and Tula: Yagyiya or Brahmavriksha or Palash (Butea monosperma).
  3. Mithun and Dhanu: Ashupalak
  4. Karka, Makar and Kumbh: Gamhiri (He probably means Gamhar_Gmelina arborea) or Sriparni (Is it Bael_ Aegele marmelos?)
  5. Vrishchik and Kanya: Mango
  6. Meen: Vatvriksha_ Ficus benghalensis
He has also mentioned that in Shivadharma Purana (5/118-121) it is said that the Shiv Garden should be beautified with:
-Bilva (Bael or Aegle marmelos)
-Chameli ( Jasminum grandiflorum or J. officinale)
- Vijai
- - Rajark (Could be aak_Callotropsis gigantea)
- -Karvir
- -Kamal (lotus)
- Kuljak
- -Punnag
- -Nag
- -Bakul (Maulshri)
- -Ashok (Saraca asoca)
- Utpal
- _Champa (Michelia champak). Could also mean Plumeria.
- -Kadli (Banana)
- -Hemguthap
Panditji has used Sanskrit words. I have tried to mention the common devnagri names wherever I knew. I will welcome if for other names somebody helps out.
I have been searching for a list of non-browsable trees for a long time. Up to now I have found the following trees belonging to the category:
Karanj ( Pongammia pinnata)
Teak (Tectona grandis)
Laxmi Taru (Simaroba glauca)
Chiraul (Haloptelea integrifolia)
Kanair_Thevetia bush
With roaming cattle the bane of our towns and even cities, these could be tried. I would welcome addition from any body in the list.
So, plant a sapling this rainy season. You will be happy to see it grow. What does it matter if it is not within the homestead, but around your house, in some park or roadside! And remember, please see it through. You will have to water it for 2 years, especially during summer. Good luck.

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