Wednesday, April 8, 2009

#15. Nakshatra Vana Trees

3. Krittika..............ficus fig.....Gullar

14. Chitra..........Cretiva religiosa ..Sacred garlic pear

19. moola: anjan.....Hardwickia binata

20. Poorvashadha: tinosporia cordifolia_guduchi

27 Revati - Mahua leaves

27. Revati - Madhuca indica (mahua)

26. Uttabhadrapada..Neem

25. Poorvabhadrapada...Mango

24. Shatabhisha..Kadamba

23. Dhanishtha..Vilayati Keekar

22. Shravan..Madar/aak....calotropis gigantea

21. Uttarashadha..Kathal


18.Jyeshtha..Pinus Banksiana

17. Anuradha..Maulshree

16. Vishakha..Wood apple..Kaith

15. Swati...Jarul..Lagerstroemia speciosa

13. Hasta..hog plum...amda

12. Uttarphalguni...kanail...Nerium Oleander

11. Poorvaphalguni.. Palalsh..Butea monosperma

10. Magha Banyan....Bargad

9. Ashlesha..Sultana Champa..Callophyllum inophyllum

8. Pushya..Peepul..Ficus religiosa

7. Punarvasu..Bamboo..Bans

6. Ardra...Long Pepper.. Piper longum

5. Mrigshirsha..Khair...Acacia catechu

4. Rohini - Jaamun - Syzigium Cumini

3. Krittika...Gular...Ficus racemosa...Country fig

2. Bharani... Aonla

1. Ashwini.. Strychnos nux vomica

Zodiac is the band in the sky within which the planets wander. This is divided into 360 dgrees. There are12 zodiac signs and therefore, each zodiac sign (rashi) occupies 30 degrees. Concurrently there are 27 nakshatras and therefore each zodiac sign carries 2 1/4 nakshatras.

Hindu astrology is based on 12 zodiac signs, 9 planets (grahas) and 27 nakshtras. There is ascendant or lagna which in simplest words is the constelllation in which the sun is sitting at the time of birth of the person. Mapping of sky at the time of the birth is the first step of Hindu astrology. A jataka can be born with any of the 12 constellations in the ascendant, and the same way for nakshatras.

Nakshatras occupy only a marginal place in in the astrogical interpretation. Probably nakshatras should be employed more often in jyotish than they are today. In short, when nakshatras are well placed they display their positive indications and when afflicted, their negative indications can be displayed.

But all this introduction I have made to lead you on to NAKSHATRAVAN. Each nakshatra is suppposed to have a tree of its own, and it is believed the tree of nakshatra in which the person is born gives strength to him. I don't say that it should be believed, or for that matter astrology as such, but nakshatra van is an attractive idea and a way to encourage growing trees.

Several temples in the South India have developed gaardens with nakshatra trees. M. Sundararaman writes that Meenakshi temple at Madurai, Parthasarathi temple at Thiruvallikkeni, Chennai, Shankarnarainan Koil have edveloped gardens with nakshatra vanas. In addition, Bangalore Vidhan Soudha garden and Jharkhand Secretariat garden have also developed nakshatra vanas.

Which are the 27 trees? I took some time to search for the trees. There was some readymade material in indiantreepix website, and I matched the botanical and common names in Hindi and Tamil (which I got forom the beginning). I hope the list is correct. Comments are welcome.

I have also collected some photographs of the trees which I am sure people would find useful if they decide to develop such nakshatra van during the coming rainy season.

1 ASHWINI Strychnine Etti….. ?..... Nux vomica
2 BHARANI Indian Gooseberry PeruNelli…..Aonla….. Phyllanthus emblica
3 KRITTIKA Country Fig Aththi….Gullar…..ficus racemosa
4 ROHINI Jamun Naaval…..Jamun…..Syzigium cumini
5 MRIGASHIRSA Milmesha (or, Acacia catechu) Karungal (or, Khair/ Kattha**)
6.ARDRA Long pepper...Thippilli.....Piplamul....Piper longum
7 PUNARVASU Bamboosa Moongil.....Baans....Bamboo
8 PUSHYA Peepul Arasamaram…..Peepal…..Ficus religiosa
9 ASHLESHA Alexandrian Laurel Punnai....Sultana Champa....Calophyllum inopyllum
10 MAGHA Banyan Aalamaram….bargad…..Ficus bengalensis
11 POORVAPHALGUNI Flame of the Forest Palasu…Palalsh, Kinshuk…Butea monosperma
12 UTTARAPHALGUNI Rose Laurel Arali……Kanail....Nerium Oleander
13 HASTA Hog Plum Kaattuma………Amda…..Spondias pinnate
14 CHITRA Bengal Quince Vilvam…..Barna….Crataeva adansonii subsp. Odora (garlic pear)
15 SWATI Queen's Flower Marutham…..Jarul…..Lagerstroemia speciosa
16 VISHAKHA Wood Apple Vila….Kaith…..Limonia acidissima
17 ANURADHA Mimusops Maghizham….Maulshree…..Mimusops elengi
18 JYESHTHA Stunted Jack Kuttipala…..?.....Pinus Banksiana
19 MOOLA Hardwickia Acha…..Anjan…..Hardwickia binate
20 POORVASHADHA Tinospora Vanchikkodi…..giloya, guduchi, amrita.....Tinospora Cordifolia
21 UTTARASHADHA Jack Fruit Pala…..Kathal…..Artocarpus heterophyllus
22 SRAVANA Swallow Wort Erukku…..Madar, Ark...
23 DHANISHTHA Indian Mesquit Vanni…..vilayti kikar…..Prosopis juliflora
24 SHATABHISHA Indian Oak Kadambu…..Kadamba…..Neolamarckia cadamba
25 POORVABHADRAAPADAI Mango Maamaram…..Aam…..Mangifera indica
26 UTTARBHADRAPADA Neem Vembu…..neem…..Azadirachta indica
27 REVATI Maduca luppai…..Mahua…..Madhuca indica
**Suggested by Satish Phadke.


Ganesh Kiran said...

Respected Sir,

I have red the details of nakshatra vana in Indian Institute of Ayurveda in bangalore. Basically i am from farmers family back ground and i am planning for herbal gardening solution. Now i am collecting various specius of plants and details.

What is your openion about the scope for herbal and medicinal plants?

Anand Kumar Bhatt said...

Dear Ganesh: having a herbal and medicinal garden is a good idea. However, you have to be sure of its marketability, and where it can be sold and at what price. Lucknow probably has a govt. institute (CIMAP if I remember correctly). They must be running short-term courses. It would be worthwhile to attend such a course. Check their web-site. They must have one.
Good luck in your venture.

finickyfig said...


I believe your Ficus on trunk picture is a Ficus auriculata not a F racemosa.

Dr (Miss) Sharad Singh said...

very, very, very knowledge-full post. I love too much herbs and natural products. Zodiac plants now add to my mind. it is awesome! Accept Heartiest congratulation.

I am eager to know about 'Patua'(पटुआ या सन ) who used to Knitting the rope and its sore fruit use to eat.

shilpa said...

dear sir i am a student i am working on medicinal plants can you please suggest the source on which basis nakshatravana and navvagraha vana is classified can you please suggest me some books or websites related to this matter.......waiting for your positive reply

Anand Kumar Bhatt said...

Dear Shilpa: Sorry for being late in my reply.
I frankly dont know the basis for the selection of Nakshatra van trees.

Some of the recommended trees are exotic and have been brought to India recently (like vilayti keekar) and this adds to the suspicion.

The idea is to plant trees,and maintain the variety, and whoever has done this should be commended.

Anand Kumar Bhatt said...


Dear Dr. Sharad: My apologies for the late reply.
Patua or sun could be either hemp or flex. Both are listed in google search. Wikipedia articles are good.

Unknown said...

anar/dadim... which naskhatra relation