Wednesday, February 4, 2009



Vinca rosea

Petunia, Marigold and Impatiens(?)


shiv kumar saraswat said...

certainly an informative site.i own 4.34 acres of land near C.G. Vidhan Sabha at Raipur and intend to a forest/cultivate medicinal plants on this land sprinkled with cottages to provide accommodation to senior citizens and a palliative home. The land shall be made available to deserving persons free of cost on non transferable basis subject to certain conditions. would yu suggest that Nakshtra van will help old men? would u like to communicate at

Anand Kumar Bhatt said...

Shiv kumarji: I am sorry for replying after such a long time. Actually this post just missed me. Having an old age home is a nice idea and I fully support it. Whether Nakshatra van would be useful to the senior citizens is as debatable as the scientific basis of Hindu astrology. But if you mix up the concept of Smriti van and Nakshatra van, probably it would be an excellent idea.
Best wishes, and again sorry for the belated reply.